Monday, December 18, 2006

North Star 06

hey whats up everyone. so finally i graduated from the YWAM. after that traveled around New Zealand with friends for a few weeks. and now im back in NorthStar. this season we all got new staff. it gonna be awesome season. and i went snowboarding today,it was soo much fun to ride with them. well thats all for now,seiya

Friday, October 13, 2006


hows it going everyone? ive been here in china for 2weeks now, every thing is sooo different. food,culture.blablabla
anyway we are going to do skate ministry in Shanghai.go to the biggest skate park in the whole world. im so stoked about it,
and go to coffee shop and teach English.
last week we were staying at the university for 1week. and teaching English,shear about Jesus. it was really good time to hung out with students. then 2 students became a christian. God using us heaps here in China. and we dont know yet whats gonna happen in Shanghai but we are sooo stoked to see that.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Going To CHINA.

hey hows it going guys? well Im leaving New Zealand in 3days.
Its crazy.everything is going really fast.I dont even feel like Ive been here for 3 month.lean about God everyday,hung out with good freands,go to snowboard,visit the light house church.I had really good time here in New Zealand.
and Im going to China for 2month. i can see its gonna be crazy and awesome trip.
hung out with chinease people,go skateboading,share about God.
I really would like you guys to pray for china and my team.will be rad.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Church Serving Week/

Hows it going all my friends?
i came back from church serving week, It was really blessing week, God always gave me strength,learned heaps and met so many new people. and now i back to school and studding everyday,
After 3weeks we are going to Out Reach,(China,Chili,Jordan,South Africa,I dont remember other)
im going to China for 2 month,Beijin and Hong-Kong, im so stoked to see whats going on in China,
Hope you all you guys doing good. God Bless


Saturday, August 19, 2006


Hi guys hows it going?
well im doing well. there are some random pics from school and snowboarding last week,
we had a powder day last week. it was one of da best day ever. everyone going really crazy.try Back Flip and Rodeo Flip.
God Bless You Heaps,

Friday, July 21, 2006

Having Grat Time In YWAM

HI all my friends.well its been sweet time and worship, learn God everyday.
3days ago. all student prayed for japan and me, that was so cool feeling and God showed me new vision about SFC Japan.
i dont know what exacully. but some thing going to happens through SFC in Japan.
im so storcked about it,
well if you guys pray for me. will be cool. Have a great time.
どんな事が起こるかわからないけど、SFC japanを通してなにかが起こるって事です。

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New Zealand

Hi everyone. hows it going?
well im arrived in NZ n having great time with friends n host family.
its really cold here and heaps snow on the mountain too. so i cant wait to go snowboarding.
well ive some funny story. when i was at the airport, Custom asked me a lots of questions.and then finally they checked all of my bags. and asked me do you have drugs?
you cant stay in NZ more than 3 months without Visa. but i bought 6 months ticket, so they though im a drug dealer.
that was quite good experiance.
peace n have a good week.
please pray for
SnowBoard DTS will start from this friday.


こっちに来た時にあった面白い話は、 空港に着いて税関で質問を受けていていたら、こっちに来て下さいといわれたので、行ってみたら他の人たちはなんかヤンキーみたいな人たちばかりで、しかもみんな全部のバッグを調べらていました。それで、案の定ボクのも全部調べられて、しまいには、麻薬の検査までされました。 とてもいい思い出になりました。